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Fotolia 63798783 XSGreenDart provides a unique combination of responsible (green) and responsive (dart) engineering services to drive superior program performance across the U.S. government community. GreenDart is a collection of recognized aerospace Verification and Validation and Test and Evaluation experts. We possess a GSA contract vehicle to facilitate contracting.

Contract Vehicle10

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The GSA Advantage contracting mechanism allows for rapid HUBZone Small business contracting through one of the most efficient Federal Government contracting groups.

We possess the GSA Professional Engineering Services (PES), also known as Schedule 871 contract vehicle. A GreenDart-awarded GSA PES Task Order offers both competitive and HUBZone contracting credit to the acquisition organization.





Test and Evaluation (PES)

Under this contract GreenDart performs T&E services involving the application of various techniques demonstrating that a system (subsystem, program, project or activity) performs in accordance with the objectives outlined in the original design. Tasks include:


Prototype, First article, products and environmental testing

Inspections/witnessing acceptance testing

Reverse Engineering

Simulation and Modeling

Quality Assurance